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John Spence
(Business advisor, executive coach, trainer, speaker)

I’ve been recognized as one of the top 5 leaders in the world. I’ve been doing this for about 30 years and I couldn’t believe that in 3 minutes, Mitchell Levy gave me insights about how to build more credibility that I never would have thought of.

My message has gone viral.

Kami Huyse
(CEO at Zoetica Media, Social Media, PR and Digital Strategy, Keynote Speaker)

It’s amazing how he can take the essence of what people really want to hear and put it together so that you can have credibility. This was a really unexpected thing. I’m not going to say that your quote is going to go viral, but mine definitely did.

Learn to be credible in the marketplace.

Robert Rose
(Chief Troublemaker of The Content Advisory)

You need to be able to express yourself credibly in the marketplace and the Credreel is certainly the way to do that and I can’t think of no better person to help you deliver it than my friend, Mitchell Levy.

Take what he's giving you.

Sean Erwin
(Certified Business & Sales Coach)

For those of you that are wondering what credibility is all about, wondering, “Do I need it?” “Do I need to worry about it?” You need to listen to Mitchell. You need to be part of what he’s doing. This is something that’s coming from the heart. And I highly suggest you take what he’s giving you. It will make a big difference for you internally and for your own business.

Mitchell is not like anyone else.

Mark C. Green
(Profit Acceleration & Lead Generator Specialist Company NameStrategic Pathways, LLC)

For those of you who look at Mitchell and what he does and sort of think, “Well, okay, but everybody does that,” stop right there. They don’t! He deserves your attention and time. He will help you. This is a very very high-value offering and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

A tremendous opportunity.

Shenan Reed
(President, Chief Client Officer Company NamePublicis Groupe)

I think the way you format this and the way you bring it together on behalf of thought leaders like myself... this as an opportunity to reach broader audiences and make sure that they’re experts get to the forefront of the conversation. It’s a tremendous opportunity for anyone.
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Future Courses

  • How to Thrive in the New World of Work

  • Being Prepared for Every "Sales" Interaction

  • Conducting Credreel™ Interviews

  • How to Obtain Effective Video Testimonials

  • A Weekly LinkedIn Profile Plan

BEing Seen and BEing Heard
as a Thought Leader

Thought leadership needs to be seen and demonstrated not just at the individual layer but at the organizational layer. One component of that is conducting fundamental research to better the industry. Another component is having the employees share this content in a helpful, not salesy way while building trust in their ecosystem. The individuals in your team need to work together and be in-sync and their goals. Nirvana is to be recognized by your clients and the industry as a thought partner – someone who clients include in their initial thinking process.


How we help human beings

showcase their Credibility

  • Getting down to the CPoP

    We extract the meat from every person's message so that they can get down to that specific CPoP or customer point of pain that they are solving for others.

  • Getting a Credreel™

    We create Credreel or “Credibility Sizzle Reel” for Thought Leaders, which is a short-video interview showcasing who they are, who they serve, what they do, and the credibility they have to do what they do.

  • Authoring a Book

    We help busy professionals author their own book by repurposing their existing content or creating a new one so they can have their
    own book in just 8 hours!

Credibility is one of the key components of success.

Are you Credible?
  • Credibility is the demonstration of trust.

  • Trust is the demonstration of integrity, authenticity and vulnerability.

  • Add commitment to that to truly encapsulate credibility.

Credibility is the demonstration of "Know", "Like", and "Trust"

— Mitchell Levy (Global Credibility Expert)

About your Instructor

Global Credibility Expert

Mitchell Levy

Global Credibility Expert, Mitchell Levy, is a human whose purpose in life is to serve those who want to be seen as credible and win the war against those in Dubious Nation.

Mitchell has interviewed over 500 thought leaders from across the world on their credibility. This led him to uncover amazing insights on what credibility really is and why it’s important in today’s world, making him the go-to expert on credibility.